Honorary Aussies

Note:  Unfortunately due to other heavy commitments, the Honorary Aussie Award is temporarily in hiatus.  Please check back at another time if you wish to apply for this award.



Honorary Aussie Award


Kerry Kilmury Kerry is an Honorary Aussie because she has been the best of friends through lots of things! 
Thanks Kerry.  lyf :)
Eunice Spooner Eunice won this for being a great person and for spending hoursproof-reading all my pages!  
Great work Eunice.
Moyra Moyra has the most stunning site on the web site, with graphics 'par excellence' - make sure you visit.. :) You'll spend hours!
Kevin Carter.jpg (5018 bytes) Kevin has become an Honorary Aussie in preparation for his trip to Australia for the 2000 Olympics!

Pat.jpg (5772 bytes)

Pat lives in Denmark currently, and she's an Honorary Aussie because she's just cool! :):)
Amy.jpg (5643 bytes) Amy's been to Australia ten times already and she's only 14 - I think that definitely makes her an Honorary Aussie!
Carrie.jpg (5790 bytes) Carrie is preparing to move here, to work in Sydney for a while - if she gets a visa! 
Good luck Carrie.

Sylvain.jpg (5933 bytes)

Sylvain is a Canadian married to an Australian.  Their first baby is on it's way and he has become an Honorary Aussie because he's proud of his wife and child's heritage!


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