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Melissa.jpg (6641 bytes) Melissa's friends and folks think she has an unhealthy obsession with Australia!! I think it's very healthy and in her words "The country is beautiful, unique,  and full of history.   I plan to die an Australian citizen."  We definitely need Environmental Engineers Melissa - so get here soon!
Niamh.jpg (6744 bytes) Niamh is Irish (almost a given that he's an Honorary Aussie anyway!) :) and is travelling here in 1999 for a years stay!  Have a great time Niamh... :)
juliewylie.jpg (6578 bytes) Julie loves our country and our wonderful accent and says she would be honored to feel affiliated in some way with Australia - so welcome Julie - you are now an Honorary Aussie - hope to see you here some day! :)


Karen has become an honorary Aussie as she loves the country and is anticipating joining her partner there, to live, in the near future!  Congratulations and good luck!
Dawn.jpg (5882 bytes) Dawn's dream has been to visit Australia and she arrives in Australia for New Years 1999 - Dreams are so important - I'm glad you can come knowing you're a True Honorary Aussie!


If you wish to become an Honorary Aussie as well, please choose the back button to return to the form, and it would be wonderful if you would sign my Guestbook while you were here.


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