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Awards that I am fortunate enough to have won

Thank you to all the webmasters and awards people who have taken the trouble to view and rate my site.

Angel Heart Superior Site

Angel Heart Excellence Award

Absolutely wonderful site!   I am pleased to award you my Superior award as
well as my Excellence award. Your site is well deserving of many awards.

Award of Excellence

Congratulations on winning the
BSOB Award of Excellence!
Australia is loaded with fantastic scenery, some of which we would have never imagined existed in your part of the world.  Well worth the browsing!  Can't wait until the rest of the site is up and running!

Thank you for giving us the chance to visit your site, and keep up the great work!

Eclipse Cool Site

Your web site, "Milamba's Australia", has been selected to receive the
ECLIPSE COOL SITE award ! Nice layout with easy navigation. COOL image map and cool pictures in "Scenes around Australia". COOL thumbnails in "The Inhabitants".
This is a VERY COOL site !


BHP Awards Top Honor


After consideration I have decided to award your site with The BHP Awards Top Honour, our Gold Medal Site Award.

Award of Excellence

In recognition of your hard work and effort in designing a great page:
I would like to award you the "Cool B" award. Given to web pages that just ooze coolness! Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and fun place to visit.


Site of the Day


Site of The Day
19 January 1998

Silver Star Award

Congratulations, you're a Ham's Place Silver Star Award winner!
Excellent work... concept, content, presentation and design. Your graphics are superb. A breathtaking journey through a beautiful country. I hope to be
fortunate enough to visit your country one day. I truly enjoyed the visit.
Best wishes in your endeavours.


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