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Awards that I am  honoured to have received

Thank you to all the webmasters and awards people who have taken the trouble to view and rate my site.


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I have reviewed your site and found it to be very creative and full of content.
Congratulations you have won the "The Jeff Hobrath Art StudioWeb Award"!


4 star site award



Great site! You've won the 4 star site award.



Heaven Award



you've won my "Little Piece of Heaven" award...




During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!


A+ Web Design Approved



I have reviewed your site.   Congratulations!!!  You have won the A+ Web Design Approved award.  Your site is well designed and is an interesting addition to the world wide web.



Congratulations!!!!!    Your site has won the "Genuine AZTECH Cool Site" Award.   You'll be happy to know that not just anyone can win this award.  There has to be something special about your site to qualify.


I have reviewed your website, and I'm really impressed by the overall quality!

I'd like the opportunity to give you our "Innovation award!"

I hope this encourages you to keep up the great work




Congratulations, your page has passed the second draft selections of our awards.


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Your site has met Wuzzle's criteria for cool sites.  The following items were evaluated  site theme, site layout and design, photo and artwork selection, and overall impact.

Keep up the great work--and remember we all are the World Wide Web, and our quality pages can only make it better!




Congratulations!!! you have received
Petal's Award.

Your site is very lovely


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