Awards that I am  honoured to have received

Thank you to all the webmasters and awards people who have taken the trouble to view and rate my site.

Best Place to Play

Congratulations!   Your site has won Elly's Best Place to Play Award.  I enjoyed my visit immensely and am honoured to bestow this award on your beautiful site.

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Congratulations! You have been Awarded the HATS-OFF AWARD by AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Out of this World award


I am pleased to announce that you have received my "Out of this World Homepage" award.  I had a lot of fun perusing your page.  I commend you for posting all of the wonderful pictures of Australia for us to view!  It is really a beautiful place.

Your page is not only fun to look at but beautifully designed.  Very easy to navigate. Great job!

Aimee's Award

Congratulations, you have won my award.

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You have a wonderful site here and I have really enjoyed my visit. I will be sure to return often...*hugs* to you my LOTH sister.

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