Photographic Credits are given on their pages where I know the photographer.  If I have inadvertently used a photograph of yours and not given you credit please email me so that I may correct that situation as soon as possible.  The photographs on these pages have been found on the web, given to me by friends who took them themselves, or were unable to tell me the photographer or the source, or have come from my family's private collection of photographs.


If I have infringed anyone's copyright with any of the information or photographs on these pages, please forgive me, it is unintentional.  I have tried to ascertain copyrights where possible, but have often received no answer to emails sent.


Many thanks go to Eunice Spooner, for her patient viewing and proofreading of these pages.  Without her effort there would be a great many more errors.  Thanks Eunice. :)


There will undoubtedly be errors at times in these pages.  I am not a biologist, a lepidopterist, an anything "ist" actually! :) I am an everyday Australian who loves the country I was born in.  For those of you who have more knowledge of our animals, our birds, reptiles, insects and frogs, please, if you find any errors in the information, email me.  I would consider that a favour.



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