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General Australian Tourism Information
The Inhabitants of Australia
General Information
Australian Newspapers
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General Australian Tourism Information

Welcome to Western Australia  - Western Australian Tourism Commission
South Australia - South Australian Tourism Commission
Visit Victoria - An excellent resource for Melbourne, Victoria.
Queensland - "Destination Queensland"
New South Wales - "About New South Wales"
Northern Territory - A great site on the Northern Territory - lots of information.
Australian Capital Territory - "Welcome to Canberra"
Tasmania - Tasmania Online
Travel Australia Internet
        A comprehensive listing of Where to Stay, Things to Do and Places to see
        throughout Australia.
Australian Tourism Commission
        Fairly Comprehensive Site that includes a search engine. Lots of info about Australia here. 
        Multiple choice of language makes it easy for all to use.
Australia Outdoor Connections

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The Inhabitants of Australia

Caterpillars: especially Australian ones
        This is a fascinating site with tons of pictures of Australian caterpillars, butterflies and moths.  
         Make sure you check this site out :)
Australian Ecotours
Bird watching in Australia - (actually a travel service, but some good pictures)
Butterfly and Other Inverterbrates Club Inc. 
     A great site on butterflies, with pages for kids to colour in and a lot of fun things to to.

More links coming soon...

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General Information

Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary
        No, not all Australians speak like this! :)   But we do generally understand it!
Soc.Culture.Australian FAQ
        A little dated - but the information is great and definitely worth reading.
Trishan's Oz Page
        A personal home page packed with info....

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Australian Newspapers

The Age (Melbourne newspaper)
Sydney Morning Herald
Business Review Weekly
The Herald Sun (Melbourne)

For a more complete listing of Australian media try:
Yahoo! Australia & NZ - News and Media

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Official Information

Australian Visa's
    Very informative site if you're looking to travel to Australia.
Information on gaining Australian Citizenship "Citizenship of Australia"

Friends and Other Links

A great place for kids to play (and parents!) and learn.

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